25 Super-Targeted SEO Keywords For Real Estate Investors to Get Motivated Seller Leads

SEO keywords for real estate investors are not all created equal. Some keywords work better to attract the true motivated sellers to real estate investor websites. Some SEO keywords just attract people that have no motivation what-so-ever to sell. They are simply looking for a buyer that is willing to pay full market value for their house to move into.

You don’t want those people! They will just waste your time and frustrate you!

What you really want are keywords that show and prove their motivation.

You want super-targeted SEO keywords for real estate investors. Not super-targeted SEO keywords for anyone that wants to sell their house.

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Broad Match SEO Keywords

If a seller is searching for someone to buy their house and they need to do it quickly, they are likely to search for something like how to sell my house fast or I need to sell my house fast or many other different versions of the same basic phrase. The thing is, you can target the main words in those phrases as well as the all of the words in those phrases.

This is what is meant by broad matching. If you target the real estate investor SEO keywords “sell house fast”, you are basically targeting all of those phrases that contain those keywords, even when they are mixed in with other words!

Do NOT Use Broad Match Keywords That Do NOT Have Motivation Keywords In Them

I’ve made the mistake before of targeting ‘sell house’ for my Google Adwords campaign.

Big mistake!

That was actually a quite costly mistake as I had tons of people click through to my site, and even submit the form, but none of them were even remotely motivated. Each of those clicks cost me money (some of them more than $6 a piece – ouch!).

This is why I suggest making sure that the SEO keywords you use contain words that suggest motivation. These are words like ‘fast’, ‘quickly’, ‘need’, etc.

Long-Tail SEO Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the full phrases like ‘I need to sell my house fast’ or even just ‘need to sell my house fast’.

You will have relatively less competition by targeting long-tail SEO keywords for real estate investors.

This is solely due to the fact that there are so many phrases out there with many words that it’s impossible for people to target them all. That also means that most people won’t even be targeting the ones you are likely to come up with.

The key is to be creative and put yourself in the shoes of the motivated seller that is searching these SEO keywords for real estate investors to find their websites and sell their house.

What would you search for if you really, really needed to sell?

Put yourself into situations that cause others to need to sell. Target your keywords to those specific situations.

Your Real Estate Investor Website Pages Should Each Target Just One Keyword Phrase

Focus the content on each page of your website to be optimized for a single keyword phrase. That way it is laser focused and super, mind-numbingly obvious to visitors and to the search engines what that page is about.

Too many people target too many SEO keywords on a single page and it just lowers the value of the page for all the keywords.

You might be thinking now, “how can I possible create that many pages on my website?” Great question.

Simple answer: You need a blog.

Preferably a WordPress blog.

LeadPropeller websites comes with the ability to add a blog with the click of a button.

With the blog, it’s super easy to add blog posts that are really website pages for each keyword you are targeting. This is fresh “content” and Google loves to see sites that provide lots of fresh “content”.

Now, for the keywords that I recommend targeting…

Top SEO Keywords For Real Estate Investors

  1. sell house fast
  2. sell my house fast
  3. sell a house fast
  4. sell your house fast
  5. sell home fast
  6. need to sell house fast
  7. need to sell my house fast
  8. we buy houses
  9. we buy homes
  10. I buy houses
  11. I buy homes
  12. cash home buyers
  13. cash house buyers
  14. fast home buyers
  15. fast house buyers
  16. how to sell house fast
  17. sell house quickly
  18. sell house for cash
  19. buy my house
  20. buy my house fast
  21. sell without a Realtor
  22. sell house without an agent
  23. sell house with tenant
  24. sell house without repairs
  25. sell vacant house

Now It’s Your Turn

These SEO Keywords for real estate investors won’t do you any good unless you put them to use on your real estate investor website. If you don’t have one, we’d be glad to provide you with one along with a lot of exclusive tutorials to further increase motivated seller leads (along with a free website to sell/rent houses and another free website to wholesale houses!).

If you have some great ideas for keywords, I’d love to hear them. Please add yours in the comments below. Thank you!

Danny Johnson – Founder of LeadPropeller

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