How to Compete With iBuyers: Top 10 Takeaways From Our Latest Webinar

According to Zillow’s latest iBuyer report, homeowners sold 27,244 homes worth a total of $10.6 billion via an iBuying service in Q3 2021.

This report analyzed four of the largest iBuyers at the time (RIP Zillow Offers) and showed that iBuyer market share nearly doubled from the previous quarter.

Another interesting tidbit from Zillow’s report is the fact that iBuyers paid more for homes in Q3 than in any previous quarter. The median sale price paid by iBuyers in Q3 was $376,000—13.9% more than the median U.S. sale price of $329,970.

When iBuyers are willing to pay prices that small-time investors simply can’t match if they have any hope of pulling a profit, what can a local investor do to compete with iBuyers in 2022 and beyond?

That’s one of the questions we answered in our latest webinar for LeadPropeller members. For the top 10 takeaways from this free real estate investor training, read on.

1. What’s the Difference Between an iBuyer and a Private Investor?

There are plenty of differences between iBuyers and private investors. In this short video, we outline what the primary differences are and why these two groups have two very different approaches to property acquisition.

2. Why 2/3 of Zillow’s Acquisitions Sell at a Loss

You’ve probably heard about Zillow Offers shutting down, but did you know that Zillow is now selling the majority of their properties at a loss? In the video below, we explain why.

3. When Will iBuyers Exit the Market?

Zillow already pulled out of the market, but what about Offerpad and Opendoor? Watch this video and find out when we might to see other iBuyers make their exit.

4. How Investors Can Compete With iBuyers

As a local investor with limited capital, what can you do to compete with companies like Offerpad and Opendoor? Here, we describe what the average investor needs in order to win deals in 2022 and beyond.

5. How Large of a Net to Cast When Fishing for Seller Leads

How many homeowners can you effectively target without breaking the bank? In this video, we share the targeting strategies our top users have employed to generate low-cost, high-converting leads.

6. How to Leverage Local Celebrity Status to Land Deals

A few simple tweaks to your website will make it so much easier to convert motivated seller leads. Watch the video below and discover why adding a little personality to your site has such a big impact on conversion.

7. How to Build Trust With a Seller in Just 8 Seconds

Homeowners want to work with someone they like, know, and trust. Discover what you can do to build rapport with sellers in eight seconds or less by watching the video below.

8. How to Stay Top of Mind With a Flawless Follow-Up System

LeadPropeller’s integrated autoresponder makes it easy to follow up with motivated seller leads from the second they contact you. But what’s the best way to configure it for flawless follow-up? Watch this video and find out.

9. Viewer Question: How Can You Make a Website Work Better for You?

One viewer wanted to know what we suggest for making a real estate investor website work better for lead generation and conversion. Below, we share a few strategies that our top users have proven to be highly effective.

10. Viewer Question: How Can You Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Every website owner wants to know the answer to one specific question: How can you drive traffic to your website? In this video, we share the only SEO strategy that will drastically increase website traffic in no time flat.

Watch Our Full Webinar on Competing With iBuyers

While Zillow Offers may be no more, the iBuyer phenomenon is likely here to stay. If you want to compete with HUGE companies like Opendoor and Offerpad, you must leverage the advantages you have as a local investor.

To learn what these advantages are and what you can do beat iBuyers in 2022 and beyond, watch the full webinar for free right here. To catch our next live webinar and stay up to date with everything LeadPropeller and local-investor related, subscribe to LeadPropeller on YouTube.

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