5 Real Estate Investor Websites Best Practices

There are many factors to consider when trying to make real estate investor websites convert. First, just to be clear, conversion is the taking of a visitor to your real estate investor website and having them take some action that you want to take. In the case of buying houses, the real estate investor website’s top priority is to get the motivated seller to call the investor or fill out a form with their contact details and information about the house they would like to sell and submitting that data to the real estate investor.

If you are using one of the many real estate investor website templates available that come with default content, you will likely want to customize it and change it according to the following best practices.

1. Real estate investor websites should focus on being personable rather than corporate

When I setup my first real estate investor website for buying houses from motivated sellers, I made the mistake that most people make when setting up their first website…

I made it far too corporate.

The thing is, corporate, or “salesy”, websites don’t convert as well as websites that show that a real person is behind it. I’m sure you’ve been to many websites where the content is so corporate as to be almost unreadable… and I’m sure that’s what happened. You didn’t read it!

Think about this for a little while. What’s the point of the site if the visitor doesn’t read what’s on it?

Motivated sellers want to contact people they feel will solve their problem. But, that’s not all.

Motivated sellers want also very much to contact someone they feel they can trust.

Most of them are not very real estate savvy. Just like I’m not automobile repair savvy.

This is not unlike when I go to have something fixed on my car. My biggest concern is whether I am going to be told something needs to be fixed that doesn’t.

Craft your content to show that you are a real person that genuinely cares about the motivated seller and their situation and you will convert the visitors far more often than your competitors.

2. Real estate investor websites should have multiple calls to action

If you don’t tell the visitors to your real estate investor website what you want them to do, you are not converted them at the rate you should be.

You might have the most inviting house buying website with the most informative and engaging content, but if the visitor just reads it and leaves to “see what the other websites have”, you are missing out on what you need most to do….HAVE THEM CALL OR SEND YOU THEIR INFORMATION!

Our websites have multiple calls to action that include very obvious sections that tell the visitor to call the investor now. There are also multiple calls to get started with getting a cash offer for their house by filling out the forms on the website.

3. Real estate investor websites should exude professionalism

If you have been considering getting yourself a real estate investor websites, you must realize what you are doing. You are putting a notice out to the whole world that you are interested in buying houses (though probably just in your area…but people from any in the world can see your website).

You are not offering to sell them a $15 product or buy something that costs very little. You are offering to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy houses! Your site must show that you are a serious buyer.

The best way to have your website show that you are serious is by having it professionally built.

I’ve seen so many people decide that they want to save thousands of dollars by building a website themselves…first, they don’t really save much because of the time and missed opportunity involved while they were trying to learn something they really wouldn’t use again. Second, they end result is usually very inferior.

LeadPropeller sites allow you to avoid the multiple thousand dollar bill for a professional website and avoid fumbling around trying to do something people get degrees to do. Just sayin’…

4. Real estate investor websites should be easily navigated

Nobody likes a website that is all over the place. What I mean is a website that has so much going on that you have no idea where to even begin.

Real estate investor websites should be clean and uncluttered.

They should have each page setup to have a very obvious flow. The visitor should be able to pinpoint where they should be looking and know what they should do right away.

I’m sure you’ve seen the news websites that have about a thousand links on the homepage. I don’t know about you, but I leave those pages immediately. They give me a headache!

5. Real estate investor websites should optimized for the major search engines

What’s the point of having a real estate investor house buying website if nobody finds it? It’s important to build the site with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind. LeadPropeller sites are.

SEO can be a very complicated topic and there is no way to cover even the tip of the iceberg in this blog post. Just understand that SEO is constantly changing and search engines constantly improve how well their search engines work. If you are not on top of it, you need to hire someone that is. Simple as that.


If you have been considering real estate investor websites, please pay attention to these best practices to make sure your investment in time and money are well spent.

Above all, no matter what you decide to do, make sure to make your site personable. There are some people that peddle products by throwing around internet marketing terms and stats that do not translate to buying houses. Don’t be fooled by someone claiming that the color of the button on your form is going to make the difference between a truly motivated seller submitting their information or not. That might be true if you are simply offering some free ‘waste of time’ ebook, but it doesn’t mean squat when you are dealing with motivated sellers. 🙂

Danny Johnson

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