The Ultimate Strategy: Writing the Most Effective Real Estate Investor Blog Posts

This post will show you how to write blog posts that will help you improve your search engine rankings and get more leads. The key is to write posts that people actually want to read.  Stop wasting time with blog posts that are completely self-serving and meant for nothing more than SEO. Things are changing and this is where it’s going.

By itself, content isn’t enough. To have a truly successful real estate investor blog you need engagement. You can have the greatest written article in the world, but if it isn’t presented correctly nobody will look at it for more than fifteen seconds.

Your real estate investor post needs to provide amazing content and a highly readable format.If you are paying the same price, would you rather have a fast car with a rusty body, half a door, no windshield and crates for seats, or an equally fast car with a luxurious interior and a smokin’ hot bod? Your content is only as good as your presentation.

Let’s take a look at how we can package up your product to increase traffic and interest.


See what I did there! Your headline is the most important part of your blog post. As a real estate investor, you understand the importance of setting yourself apart from the pack. If you are creating intriguing original content, you NEED to put every bit the effort into your title.

Titles like “Selling Your House Fast” and “Reasons to Sell to Investors” aren’t going to cut it anymore. The very definition of “title” contains the terms describe and identify.

So in what ways can you descriptively identify your post in a creative way?

The most effective headline writing strategies

  • Readers love numbers— 15 best
  • Use attractive adjectives like ridiculously fast or useful tips
  • Rationale such as reasons, tips, or ways are useful
  • When possible, include a why, what or how as trigger words
  • Make a promise to your readers— 5 easy repairs that will help you sell your house fast
  • You will want to try to keep your headline short
  • Always include a keyword

Think of all of those bulleted strategies as parts of an equation:

Numbers+Adjectives+Target Keyword+Rationale+Promise=Your Awesome Title

For example: 3 easy steps that get your house sold hassle free

Now how easy was that? You now have an algorithm for writing super attractive headlines that will easily grab attention. It is still possible to hit roadblocks though. If you find yourself having issues getting your creative juices flowing, check out some of these tools!

An introduction to intros

Now that you have an awesome headline that will drive readers to your page, the next step is to let them know what they are reading. Your headline gives readers an expectation but your intro gives them reason to keep reading. You’ll need to make sure you answer

  • What your blog post is about
  • Why they NEED to read it
  • What they can expect to gain from it

While the headline needs to be the single best line in your post, your intro needs to be the best paragraph in your article. If your intro can’t hold your reader’s attention they WILL not continue reading. Plenty of added descriptive words and personality should do the trick!

Sculpting your body

Body building is a vital part of any healthy article! The body of your article is by far the largest part, so it is very important that you keep it interesting and fun throughout. What’s the best way to do that? Make your article highly scannable.

Most readers only actually read about a quarter of what you write. The key to get them to read more into what you’re writing is to continually grab their attention. Some key points on doing that are

  • Lists and bullet points
  • Bold your key points
  • Make sure your quotes are in italics
  • Excellent sub headings
  • Use visuals like pictures and videos

How sub headings can save your post

If your finished post is just 1500 words of text on why you should sell your house fast for cash, then you probably won’t have too many people subscribing to your real estate investor blog. It’s not that your content isn’t good enough; it’s that people probably wouldn’t want to read through all that text to get to the meat and potatoes.

Sub headings are what break up your text and direct readers to the sections that interest them most. Your text will be easier to scan through and you’ll have the chance to capture the reader’s attention more than once.

  • H1— The only H1 tag in your text should be your title. You’ll need to include your keyword in your headline for SEO purposes.
  • H2— These are what you need to use to break up your text into categories. If your H1 title tag is 3 easy steps that get your house sold no hassle, then consider an H2 tag for each easy step. Include your keyword in no more than one of these (also for SEO)
  • H3 and H4— I recommend these if you really need added subdivision.

Long term engagement

A healthy relationship with your readers means treating them with the occasional picture, video, or graph. Most people are visual learners. Throwing in some visual aid can really help Try using some of your own before rehab photosyour readers retain what you write. The media you insert should be very closely related to the text around it.

For example, if you are writing a post about easy repairs to make to a house, you’ll want to include a picture of a halfway repaired home or a graph with home repair costs on it. With a longer copy that isn’t subdivided very much media can help stop your readers from scrolling all the way through the text and pull them into reading more.

When posting media make sure that

  • The media is relevant
  • Your media isn’t copy written or watermarked
  • You include at least 2-3 images
  • You have a thumbnail image
  • Photo alt tags include keywords for SEO

Here are some of the tools that I use to find photos for my posts.

Link your article to other sources

Linking to other sites provides quite a few benefits for you and your readers. As a real estate investor there are a number of tools you can link to which can provide your reader with additional information as well as build credibility for your postings.

Linking to other posts of yours is a great way to self-promote, but shouldn’t really be done more than once in a post. You don’t want to come off as too sales person-ish. The more links you have in your text and the more you share your articles around, the more credible a reputation you can build.

Try linking to

  • A case study
  • A free pdf site or eBook
  • A blog post with a differing opinion
  • The twitter account of a quote you used
  • Another of your blog posts

Create a social media empire

Social media share buttons could be what really makes your blog take off. It is up to 7 times more spreadable than without them, so it is definitely worth the few second investment to add them to your blog.

This isn’t a must have but I highly recommend it. It is a must have for me and I really do believe it should be a must have for everybody.

Check out these share button sites

Go out with a bang!

Challenge your real estate investor blog readers to test your methods!Your final paragraph should just be a brief summary of all of the main points covered throughout your text. You also NEED to include a call to action to encourage extra engagement. Challenge people to test methods that have been successful for you or to try some of the new ideas you are posting about.

Try the following to get your readers active

  • Leave a comment
  • Share this article
  • Sign up to news letters
  • Download whitepaper
  • Read a related article
  • Try what you’ve learned

I challenge all of you

Write the best real estate investor blog post you have ever written. Create attractive headlines. Pull readers in with awesome introductions. Build a highly scannable body that readers will love skimming through. Insert media that matters. Add links and share your article around.

Please, feel free to leave comments and thoughts on this article, as well as any suggestions for future posts. Also, have you written a blog post that you’re proud of that follows these principles? Tell us about it in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from all of my readers, and to reading your ridiculously awesome real estate investor blog posts!









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