3 Reasons Why Investors Are Afraid of Website Building and SEO (And Why You Shouldn’t Be)

Catching leads is like skinning a cat: there’s a million ways to do it. And as an investors, we each have our own favorite methods. However, in the digital age, it’s important to have a great digital marketing strategy. Have some reservations? Trust me, you’re not alone. Here are the top 3 reasons website building and SEO scare investors.

 “I Don’t Understand All That Tech Mumbo-Jumbo”

Ah, the age old “If I don’t understand it, it must be scary.” True, new things can be scary, especially if said new things involve spending money for your business. However, website building and SEO can be extremely beneficial to real estate investors. The most noteworthy benefit is allowing your business to keep operating outside of your traditional work hours. Busy at dinner? On vacation? No worries, you can set up your website so your leads will always have a point of contact with your business.

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“It Feels Like A Waste of Money.”

We get it, nobody wants to feel like they’re throwing money into the void. And, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a while to get your SEO working just right. True, SEO can sometimes take a while before you start seeing returns. However, once your SEO is in full swing, the payback is HUGE. 82% of marketers see SEO effectiveness on the rise with 42% of the group saying it’s significantly on the rise. Your competitors are already trying to be the top of the search results, you need to beat them to the punch.

“My Current Marketing Strategy Works Fine, Why Should I Fix What Isn’t Broken?”

Congrats, we’re so glad your current marketing efforts are working out for you! Whether it’s bandit signs, networking events, or direct mail, it’s always nice to have a system in place that works. Again, what if your potential lead needs to contact you outside of business hours? When it’s 4:00 in the morning, how can they find out more information about you and what you can do for them? That’s where a great website comes in. You want to be your leads first and only stop. Having a website that shows up at the top of search engines makes it easy for leads to chase you, and not the other way around.

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Need a little help before you take the plunge? Join us for our webinar on Thursday. We’ll be exploring 3 major concepts:

  1. Crushing your competition with 2 “unfair” advantages
  2. How to outlast your competitors and be on the top of of Google search
  3. 2 ways to consistently get motivated sellers to your site

You can also drop us a line – we’ll help you with every step of the way with an informative coaching call.

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