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If you’ve been reading any of our other blog posts you’ll know that we talk a lot about how important content marketing is for building your real estate investing business. If you haven’t been convinced by those articles, hopefully this one will do the trick. And, in addition to the emphasis on content marketing, we’ll show you how you can get a killer content marketing strategy so you website will generate more quality motivated seller leads!

Content Marketing and Blogging

Why is content marketing so important?

As we said in our last blog about your marketing strategy for 2017, content is anything that you produce that gets in front of your target audience. Meaning: any images, links, videos, social media posts, and most importantly blog posts.

According to ThinkCreative’s case study in 2016, “Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.” So, yeah, blogging is awesome for growing your business. But why? And how does it work?

Like we’ve covered in our SEO Guide, getting indexed quickly in Google is what makes you appear in the results for relevant searches. In simpler terms, if you have a blog that answers the questions that your target audience has, your business will appear when they search something in Google. Something like “Buy my house“.

content marketing and blogging stats
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Being indexed faster is how motivated sellers will find your website, which will lead them to you and your services. After all, “Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages,” says TechClient.

And if your website has more indexed pages, you will appear better in more Google searches. Which will get you in front of more motivated sellers. Which will drive traffic to your site. Which will bring you business. Which is awesome!

After all of that, the question “is blogging worth it?” has an easy answer. Uh, yes!

Building Your Blog

Now that you’re on board with how important blogging is for your content marketing strategy, it’s time to build out your blog. And there are a few ways to do this.

1: Identify your readers

You’re a real estate investor, so your blogs are going to be tailored to what your target audience is searching for.

In fact, at the LeadPropeller office we were just having this conversation about how your business’s target audience is very specific, and how so many of our clients come to us with questions about how to better market their real estate investing business.

Ultimately, everything comes back to understanding why motivated sellers want a cash buyer. Identify who will not only be reading your blog posts, but why they are reading them, is the very first step to building your content marketing blog.

Yes, knowing which keywords to use is important, but building out the content of each post is what keeps motivated sellers reading. After all, actual real people are reading your blogs, not just keyword scanning bots.

Which means, you should know what your audience is searching for so that you can feature blog posts that are helpful to them. Simple keyword research tools, like Keyword Planner, will show you which keywords to base a blog post on.

2: Answer your audience’s questions

What is your target audience searching for?

Phrases like “Sell my house“, “Cash home buyer“, and “Buy my house for cash” are all things that are being searched by your ideal audience. Which means, you should have a blog post for each possible search term that motivated sellers are typing in to Google.

At the core of each of those searches, there is one question motivated sellers are asking: how can I sell my house fast?

This is what your entire blog should always drive back to: your business is the answer to their question.

content marketing blogging statistic 2

This is the call to action part of your posts. Keep in mind, when someone is reading a blog post they don’t want to feel like they’re reading a sales pitch. So when you’re writing your website’s posts, you can’t be shoving your service down the reader’s throat. You have to be subtle.

Instead of just having a giant block of text that says I BUY HOUSE, you have to take the time to show the reader why selling to a cash buyer would be worth it.

For example, instead of focusing on just getting them money (because they’ll get money for selling it on the market as well), you should reinforce that you don’t have a commission like a real estate agent does. That is a more attractive quality that cash buyers have that are a point of interest for motivated sellers…

Writing the Best Content…

…takes a lot of time, if we’re being completely honest.

According to SearchMetric, “The average word count of top-ranking content (in Google) is between 1,149 – 1,285 words.

Because Google’s crawlers are more sophisticated, ranking is determined by the value of your posts instead of just how many keywords you can shove in roughly 1,200 words. On top of the length and quality alone, you have to make sure that your blog posts are search engine optimized.

We’ve been over the best SEO tactics before in our other blogs, so we won’t take too much time to talk about it now. The short version is: SEO is very specific, and if it’s not done right can actually get your post and your website penalized by Google.

It should go without saying that you don’t want Google to penalize your site. That will severely affect your website’s traffic, and your online lead generation (which will hurt your business). And, if you’re not an SEO expert, then you run that risk every time you write a blog.

This post isn’t here to scare you! It’s to show that there are other ways to get blog posts for your business’s content marketing strategy. Things like…

1: Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a great way to manage your time because, now, you’re not the one who has to devote a day or so to writing, optimizing, and posting to your blog. Finding someone to freelance for your business is a great way to generate content without hiring a new person on to your team.

content marketing from outsourced writers

However, what you make up for in time management you lose in cost efficiency and professional knowledge.

On the one hand, yeah having a freelancer write for you is cheaper than having a full time content creator. But a single post from one freelancer can cost anywhere between $100 – $200. Take into account that, for the best content marketing strategy, you’re going to be publishing at minimum once a week, at maximum 7 times. Things will add up.

2: Content Packs

So this is where services that are provided already (so long as you have a LeadPropeller website) come in handy. Now, there are other places that offer things similar to content packs, but the most effective content needs to be specific to your business, personalized, and search engine optimized.

content marketing blogs

While anyone can make a blog with short codes that input your business’s information for personalization, the key here si specific to your business. That’s where these content packs really shine!

How? Simple. Here at LeadPropeller, we spend all day everyday working with real actual real estate investors. We have an entire in-house investing team, so when they suggest something that would be helpful for them we make it. Like, content packs.

Why Market with Content Packs

Like we were saying before, these content packs are made specifically to answer questions that motivated sellers have for you – questions that they are searching for in Google. That’s why all of the articles in each content pack are crafted from a highly searched keyword, and built from there.

Keywords such as “Buy My House Fast“, “Foreclosure Help“, and “Sell Assets” are just examples of the bases of our articles. Lots of time and research goes into each and every one of our content packs so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time doing it.

Going back to our in-house team of investors, the number one reason why they wanted content packs was because they didn’t have the time to dedicate to writing and optimizing a blog. That, and, they were all ready to admit that they’re not writers they’re investors. They wouldn’t even know how to write a good blog, or what to do with it in WordPress to make it optimized for Google. That’s the number one reason why we make these content packs.

But getting back on track: “70% of customers prefer getting to know a company via articles rather than ads“, says a case study from Content Plus. That’s exactly what these content packs are – articles.

Specifically, they are articles that highlight your real estate investing business, the specific ways you can help motivated sellers, and what your expertise is. After all, these are written by investors specifically for investors. Who knows better how to market investors than other investors?

How Do Content Packs Work for Content Marketing?

We get asked all the time how our content packs help with your marketing strategy. There are a few things we do that make them the best option for you:

1: We make them specific

content marketing information insert

Meaning, we make them all about real estate investor’s target audience’s needs. Whoa, ok that was a mouthful. Let me rephrase: we make each article answer a specific question that motivated sellers in your area are already asking.

For example, if there are motivated sellers in your area who are getting a divorce and need to sell their house but don’t have the time to put it on the market, we have specific articles for that exact circumstance.

So, when someone in your area searches for something like “divorcing sell house“, or “sell house in divorce“, your article will come up. And what’s better, your article is littered with reputable search engine optimization that is built to direct the reader to your other articles. But most importantly, each article will redirect them to your short and long forms as well.

And that’s where the conversion happens. IE, that’s where you land a lead!

2: Each one is carefully search engine optimized

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: there’s no point in even having a website if no one knows about you. And the best way to get people to know about you is through search engine optimization, or SEO. Now, we’ve talked pretty heavily about that in the past, so today we’re going to specifically talk about SEO as it applies to content marketing.

Because each content pack is meant to generate as much traffic to your site as possible, by your specific target audience, we have special SEO tools that are programed into every article.
content marketing seo

Each of the links has been carefully picked and placed in each piece to make sure your content establishes you as an important member of the online conversation about real estate investing needs, and to show that you are credible by sourcing other credible websites.

In addition to out-linking, we have also placed internal links in each post that will direct readers through your website. This accomplishes 2 major SEO key points:

  1. It builds a link web for better user interaction
  2. It increases your time on page, both of which are ranking factors that Google looks at.

We’ve also put in optimized pictures to make your user interaction better, and to help index the page faster. Blogs with images not only perform better, but get ranked higher because it adds more valuable content for the user to take in.

3: Every post is personalized to your business

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can this be personalized to my business if someone else is writing it?” Well, it works the same way as how we make sure your website is personalized to your business.

Exactly the same way that we build your website to be specific to your business, we make each and every blog post personalized to your target area, your target audience, your keywords, and your business information such as your business name, contact number, and contact email.

Because, at the end of the day, the number one thing we care about is getting you leads. When you’re happy, we’re happy. 🙂

Still Not Convinced?

Here, watch this. Maybe it’ll help!

How To Get Content Packs

Literally, it only takes a few clicks. Just go to your LeadPropeller dashboard, go down to the “blog” button on the right, and pick the perfect content pack for your business!

There are specialized content packs. So, if you primarily focus on wholesaling, there’s a pack for that. If you follow the “We Buy Houses” format, there’s a pack for that. Heck, if you’re a land buyer, there’s a pack for that too!

Don’t just let your content marketing strategy be “eh, I guess”. Make you web presence known with quality content! And there’s no better way to have an effective, professional, and time saving content marketing strategy than with content packs.

Oh, and we forgot to mention, these content packs are already programed to drip post once a week. You literally only need to click the install button, we’ve already taken care of the rest. Get a winning content marketing strategy in your sleep!

If you need any help installing you blog, or need to talk to someone on our end, don’t hesitate to call! We’re always here to help. You can contact support at (210) 999-5521, or email at!

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