Can ClickFunnels Be Used For Real Estate Investors?

Real estate investors are curious whether ClickFunnels can be used to generate motivated seller leads online. ClickFunnels is Russell Brunson’s software that allows you to create sales funnels with a simple drag and drop editor. We’re going to dig in and see what pros and cons there are in using ClickFunnels for real estate investors when building out “funnels” to get motivated seller leads.

Maybe you’re wondering if ClickFunnels will replace the ever popular real estate investor website as the go-to for getting leads online from people who want to sell their houses fast.

Let’s find out…

The Pros of ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors

When it comes to online marketing, it’s no secret you need to set up good sales funnels. Most online funnel strategies involve you creating a killer landing page – we talked about this in our AdWords vs Bing Ads article.

1. Easy to Make Squeeze Pages

clickfunnels for real estate investors squeeze pages
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One of the definite benefits to using ClickFunnels for real estate investors is that their squeeze page editor is really simple to use. You can customize you squeeze page how ever you want, or work off of a template they provide. Take note that there are only a few free templates. Recently, ClickFunnels has made some of their higher converting templates available at an additional cost. Because of how customizable their squeeze pages are, you can make it look like whatever you want – paying for it isn’t really necessary.

When you use a squeeze page, you’re collecting information from motivated sellers. There are two reasons to get motivated sellers’ information from a squeeze page:

  1. To get in contact with them and land a deal
  2. To retarget them in future marketing if they don’t convert on the first try

Retargeting and PPC are extremely effective online marketing strategies. The great thing about ClickFunnels for real estate investors is that it makes online marketing really easy for businesses.

2. Automated Email Responses

clickfunnels for real estate investors auto responses
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Another great feature to take advantage of is ClickFunnels’ ability to send emails to motivated sellers after they submit their information to your real estate investing business. As a real estate investor, you already know that the person who’s first to respond to a motivated seller is most likely the person to get the lead. Which is why ClickFunnels’ automated email response is great for getting you in contact with motivated sellers after they submit their information on your squeeze page.

In fact, according to Statista, the average open-rate of real estate emails is 15.3%. Not bad, actually. The more you can get your real estate investing business in front of motivated sellers, the better. Instead of sending out emails left and right, with ClickFunnels’ email automation you’ll be sending emails to motivated sellers who already know about your business because they visited your squeeze page.

3. Automated Text Responses

clickfunnels for real estate investors automated texts
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In addition to sending emails to motivated sellers after they leave their information with you, ClickFunnels will also send them a text message if you enable that feature. This is another really great way to market your real estate investing business online and get higher conversion rates. In fact, because text messages have such a high open rate, Digital Marketing Magazine found that “75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS“.

Just like email responses, texting your motivated sellers will greatly increase your chances of converting that lead into a deal. Text messages are opened more than emails. In a case study, Connect Mogul reported that “90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes” of being received.

The Cons of ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors

Although using ClickFunnels for real estate investors is great for online lead generation, is it the best fit for  your business? There’s a learning curve with it, just like any new tool, but is it worth it for real estate investors? Let’s talk about that…

1. It’s Going to Cost You

clickfunnels for real estate investors costs lots of money
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If you are going to want to keep track of the leads coming in and creating email lists you’re going to need Actionetics which is only available with the unlimited plan. That plan costs $297/mo!

The problem is that you’re going to likely have to pay for, and integrate, third-party systems to send your emails. Systems such as: SendGrid, MailChimp, etc. No matter which one you go with, you’re going to be paying an additional cost. Likewise, you have to pay for and integrate third-party systems to send text messages as well. And, yes, that will be at an additional cost.

2. Wholesalers: Cash Buyer Email List Building Will Cost You More

clickfunnels for real estate investors means wholesalers won't have an option
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As a real estate investing wholesaler, you’re going to want to build an email buyers list. Unfortunately, ClickFunnels’ $97/mo option doesn’t allow you to build or manage your email lists. That option is only available for the $297/mo plan. Keep in mind, this is on top of the rest of your third-party email senders.

There are a lot of important options that real estate investors would benefit from that aren’t available in ClickFunnels’ $97/mo plan. If you want these features (that you’ll need as a real estate investor), you’re going to have to pay for the $297/mo plan:

  • Manage Email Lists
  • Email Builder
  • Send Broadcast Emails
  • Track Opens, and Clicks
  • Auto-Responder Series
  • Send Emails Based on Location

All of these features are integral for online lead generation for real estate investors, but is only available in ClickFunnels’ most expensive plan.

3. You’ll Have to Make Your Own Content

clickfunnels for real estate investors means making your own content

Just like building your own website from scratch, you’re going to have to create your own content if your use ClickFunnels for real estate investors. Not blog posts, like you would for a website, but you are going to have to make your own videos, promotional pictures, and graphic designs.

When we were making our marketing campaign for Seller Lead Hacks, we used ClickFunnels pages for opt-ins. On those pages, we used a video that we made from start to finish. Meaning, we wrote the video’s dialogue, we had pre-production meetings, we storyboarded it, we secured a location, filmed it (which takes more time than you’d think), edited it, edited it again, then put it on the ClickFunnels page that we made.

The point is, it takes a long time to create the advertising content that you’re going to need to put on your ClickFunnels pages. As a real estate investor, your time is valuable. You can’t be spending all of it making content for your advertising, or sitting in front of a computer designing funnels.

Although ClickFunnels is easy to use, it’s not as simple as snapping your fingers and making it happen. If you only wear your online marketing hat, then your real estate investments will end up suffering because you couldn’t dedicate time to them.

4. It Won’t Help You Rank Higher in Search Engines

clickfunnels for real estate investors doesn't rank you higher
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is common knowledge when it comes to online marketing at this point. If you’re not ranking organically in search engines like Google and Bing, then your real estate investing business won’t show up in searches. That means, you won’t be found by motivated sellers who are actively looking for someone to buy their house for cash.

You can increase your business’s SEO by:

  • Using your keywords effectively (Your business’s name, your local area, phrases such as “sell house for cash”,  or “cash house buyers”)
  • Linking on your website to other credible sources
  • Having credible sources link back to your website
  • Local citations
  • Relevant content (such as blog posts, videos, YouTube channels, etc.)
  • Boosting your site speed

Optimizing every page you make is important for ranking and increasing your SEO. ClickFunnels for real estate investors has little to no SEO built into their pages. Meaning, all of the time you put into your funnels won’t help your organic ranking.

Additionally, ClickFunnels has a pretty weak loading speed. Your real estate investing website’s speed will effect your bounce rate. If your pages load slowly, visitors are more likely to bounce away from that page. Remember, high bounce rates are very bad for SEO.

When visitors to your pages bounce too fast, that behavior tells Google that your content wasn’t what the person was looking for when they clicked on your page. Because of that, Google will rank your pages poorly in search results.

Are there Better Options than ClickFunnels for Real Estate Investors?

Of course there are better options. For starters, you want something that’s made specifically for real estate investors. That’s where LeadPropeller comes in!

clickfunnels for real estate investors isn't as good as LeadPropeller

LeadPropeller provides websites that are filled out with professionally written, high-converting content. The website platform was built by Danny Johnson, who has personally worked with thousands of motivated sellers over the last 14 years.

LeadPropeller was created by active, successful real estate investors for active, successful real estate investors. We’re dedicated to generating higher quality leads for your real estate investing business! Every feature was created to best benefit your business’s growth.

Remember all of the positive features of ClickFunnels for real estate investors? Not only does LeadPropeller have those features too, but they’re specifically made for real estate investors and at no additional charge. LeadPropeller’s lead generating features include:

  • Automated text and email for you with lead information
  • Automated and personalized texts and emails for sellers when they submit their info
  • 3 websites (with the “Professional” package) that target motivated sellers, will build your wholesale buyers lists, and list your properties to sell or rent

And, with LeadPropeller, you won’t be spending all of your time creating squeeze pages to collect motivated seller information. Why? Because we have opt-ins built right in to your site.

clickfunnels for real estate investors doesn't have built in opt ins like LeadPropeller

When a motivated seller reaches your website, it’s easy and direct for them to leave their information with you. Once they do, they’ll get both an automated email and text message from you so that they won’t go looking for your competition.

The best part is all of this is included at no additional cost! If you’re comparing ClickFunnels for real estate investors or LeadPropeller for real estate investors, there’s really no competition. You’re not just a business, you’re a real estate investor.

LeadPropeller is for real estate investors that don’t want to hassle with “web stuff”. LeadPropeller websites work with minimal setup…in fact, you can have a website live and working within minutes!

Not Sure How All of This Online Stuff Works?

If you’d like to find out more, Danny’s holding webinars every Thursday evening that shows not only how to create a web presence that builds credibility and trust, but also how to get as many motivated seller leads as possible. If you’re not completely sure how this whole “online lead gen” thing works, this webinar is the perfect place to start.

>>> Click here to reserve your spot for the next webinar

See you there!

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