Why Use Sentimental Ads for Real Estate Investing?

It’s no secret that real estate is an emotional industry to do business in. When someone is stuck with a house that’s falling apart and no way to afford the repairs, they get scared, sad, stressed, and sometimes angry. When you’re marketing to motivated sellers, you walk a fine line between appealing to their emotions, and being offensively honest about their situation. Let’s talk about sentimental ads for real estate investing, and how high converting it is for business when it’s done right!

What is a Sentimental Ad?

You’ve definitely seen examples of sentimental ads in your everyday life. Basically, a sentimental ad is a piece of advertising that targets an emotional response from your audience. Every piece of effective marketing has some sort of sentimental element in it.

Take a look at these examples:



In all of those pieces of popular marketing there is an appeal to emotion, be it positive or negative. That’s the thing, sentimental ads don’t always have to be triggering a negative emotion.

Using sentimental ads for real estate investing can cover a range of emotional responses that your target audience will feel throughout the process of your time with them. Such emotional responses can include:

  • Anxiety over their situation
  • Stress from financial situation
  • Relief in having found your business
  • Happiness with selling their house

You can make targeted sentimental ads for real estate investing covering any of these emotions and stages of the process. That way your ad accomplishes two things:

  1. Showing how helpful your services are
  2. Highlighting an appeal to your audience’s emotions

Using Sentimental Ads for Real Estate Investing AdWords Campaigns

Use the right title

Now that you understand what a sentimental ad is, you have to know how to use it. Just like writing advertisements with buzz word titles, your AdWords campaigns that use sentimental ads need to appeal to your target audience immediately. When you’re crafting your AdWords campaign, your headlines should have some kind of emotional response phrasing such as:

  • Get Rid of The Stress – Sell Your House for Cash
  • Go From Hopeless to Happy When You Sell Your House for Cash
  • Make Selling Your House Suck Less, Sell to Investors

All of these example headlines for your ad pin point some of the major emotional responses motivated sellers typically have when selling a house. Namely, the stress of selling, and how that stress goes away when they sell to an investor like yourself.

Use emotionally appealing phrases in the description

using strong descriptions for sentimental ads for real estate investing

Below the title, you need to make sure the description of your AdWords ad has those emotional pin points in it as well. However you’re selling your ad emotionally – either using positive or negative emotion – you want to make sure that message is carried in the description.

Needless to say, you should also be using your keyword in the description. The more organic you can incorporate your keyword with the emotional appeal, the stronger your ad will be when motivated sellers read it. High converting examples of sentimental ads for real estate investing PPC are:

  • Minimize the stress of selling a house. When you sell to cash buyers like us, we’ll close on your timeline to make the process stress-free for you. Call us today at (123) 456 – 7890.
  • Selling a house isn’t hopeless. If you can’t afford the repairs needed to get your house ready for the market, don’t worry. We’re happy to buy your house as-is for cash. Contact us today!
  • Let’s face it, the process of selling a house sucks. Make it suck less by selling to cash buyers. We’ll close fast and buy as-is, so you don’t have to make any repairs. Call us today at (123) 456 – 7890!

These examples are structured in such a way that they both address the pain point that motivated seller are experiencing, and then provide a solution through your business. If you follow this structure of sentimental ads for real estate investing, you’ll be in the clear.

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Split Testing Sentimental Ads for Real Estate Investing

split testing sentimental ads for real estate investing
Image Credit: The Brain Carter Group

Ok, moving on. To see how your target audience responds to sentimental ads, you’ll need to run a split test or two. Now, I know we went over split testing in some previous articles, but let’s review it with sentimental ads as an example so you have a better blue print to follow when you’re crafting your marketing strategies.

Aside from what we already know about split testing (how to choose target audiences, how to track success, etc.), you’ll want to take a close look at how your audience responds to your sentimental ads when you test them. Instead of running two different versions of a sentimental ad at the same time, a better strategy is to run a sentimental ad with an ad that you’ve already been running. Then, after a 2 week running period, test another sentimental ad to see:

  1. How they perform against normal ads
  2. How they perform against each other

This will help you determine how to make the most emotionally appealing advertisement when you’re running sentimental ads for real estate investing. Remember, the point with sentimental ads is to appeal to your target audience’s emotions. It doesn’t have to only look at negative pain points, you can be highlighting the relief and happiness that motivated sellers feel after working with you.

Creating Sentimental Ads for Different Platforms

AdWords isn’t the only platform you should be running sentimental ads on. Especially if you’re using strong visual aids, you want to make sure you’re being seen by as much of your target audience as possible.


Email marketing is less for gathering motivated sellers and more for reminding people, like your wholesale buyers list, that you’ve still got houses in your inventory. This is where the images that appeal to emotion will come in handy.

Be sure to include your sentimental ads for real estate investing in your email campaigns. There’s a term called “creative marketing“, essentially that’s what the highly targeted images are. Creative marketing is what’s going to appeal more to an emotional response from your target audience.

Remember looking at those ads at the top of this article? How did you feel when you saw the cigarette ad, or the car wreck ad? Those images were able to get a higher emotional response because we tend to react more to images. This is delving into market psychology now, but we won’t go much further than that.


In AdWords, you can retarget people who visited your business’s website but didn’t convert. Retargeting, or remarketing as some call it, is a highly effective way to get leads because you’re appearing to people who have already shown an interest in your real estate investing business.

Retargeting ads appear in website runners either at the top or bottom of the page, as preview icons or banners on the side of the page, and as pop-ups depending on the type of website you’re visiting. These ads are strongly relying on the image that you’re using. Remember, the more your image appeals to the emotion of your audience, the higher the chance of you getting a conversion.

Strong visuals to make the best sentimental ads for real estate investing could include ideas such as:


Wrap Up

Marketing is all about appealing to your target audience. In the real estate investing industry, there’s no better place to appeal to emotion. People care a lot about their houses, and showing your audience that you care a lot about their house too makes you a more sympathetic business to work with.

From this article you learned:

  • What sentimental ads are
  • How to use sentimental ads in your AdWords campaigns
  • Making the best titles and descriptions for your sentimental ads
  • Split testing
  • Using sentimental ads on other platforms like email campaigns and retargeting

Now that you’re fully equip with how to best use sentimental ads for real estate investing, go get some leads! Or, let our PPC experts craft the best sentimental ads for your business. Get your service today by going to LeadPropeller.com/adwords and watch the high quality leads start pouring in.


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