Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Let’s face it, online leads are better leads. If you want to get the best online leads, you need to bump up your digital marketing. That’s why we’re going over the top 5 digital marketing strategies for real estate investors so that you can dominate your online market and start generating leads asap.

Before we can start talking about digital marketing strategies for real estate investors, you first need to know what digital marketing even is. As simple as it seems, digital marketing is just that – the actions you take online to meet your overarching marketing plan’s success.


Things like SEO, PPC, FaceBook and social media marketing, and just having a high converting website for your real estate investing business are already starting you on the best path for a strong digital marketing plan. However, just like with everything, there’s always more you can do to make it stronger so you can reach more motivated sellers and get more leads.

1. Find Your Best Audience

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We’ve talked about this in the past when we went over split testing and our overall PPC guide. When you’re narrowing down your audiences by testing advertisement success, you want to keep track of a few key metrics.

Demographic Information

This is the type of hard information that tells you who your audience is on a quantitative level. Meaning, you’ll gather metrics such as:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Location
  • Gender

Because we’re talking about digital marketing strategies for real estate investors, these metrics are incredibly important for finding the perfect audience for your business.

Since you’re target market could be either a section of your city, or the surrounding areas outside of it, you’ll want to know the location of the people interacting with your digital marketing tactics, as well as their income. Real estate investing tends to work best with people who are unable to afford the house they’re living in, or need financial help to sell their house.

This is why the two most important demographic metrics to look at for your digital marketing strategy is income and location. 

Psychographic Information

This information is more qualitative, meaning it’s hard to put solid numbers on it. That doesn’t mean that it’s not valuable information, though. In fact, this is the best information to gather so that you can better understand your target audience. This will help you craft the best digital marketing strategies for your real estate investing business because you’ll be able to appeal to your audience’s emotions.

The type of psychographic information you’ll gather is:

  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Priorities

Let’s say you’re running an ad for your house flipping business that’s targeting motivated sellers. To best get their interactions, you need to understand those three key points to be able to make the highest converting marketing strategy.

Let’s keep going with this example. After gathering this information, you’ll know your audience’s:

  • Goal: to be rid of their house
  • Challenge: they don’t have the money to repair their house to market value
  • Priorities: find a way to sell their house

With this information combined with the demographic data, you can form highly targeted digital marketing strategies for your real estate investing business.

2. Plan Your Marketing Goals

make goals to build digital marketing strategies for real estate investors
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There are a few ways to make a marketing goal for your business, but always start by understanding what you need to make your real estate investing business a success. The best digital marketing strategies for real estate investors involved online lead generation. Ok, ok, before we start getting into technical marketing jargon, let’s first identify the ways you can achieve getting more leads in.

Since your marketing goal is to attract more motivated sellers, start by making an achievable milestone – let’s say increasing lead generation by 50% in 4 month period. Once you have your goal made, the next step is to be able to track that progress.

There are lots of different analytic tools out there for you to keep a track of your lead generation: Google Analytics, HubSpot Reporting, etc. However, if you’re a LeadPropeller customer, you’ll see your lead tracking and conversion rates right on your dashboard every time you log in. That way, you can keep an eye on the number of leads you got in a given time period, as well as your progress over time.

3. Reevaluate Your Current Digital Marketing Tactics

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This is where your content marketing, email marketing, PPC, and so on comes into play. This can be broken down into 3 categories:

  1. Owned Media
  2. Earned Media
  3. Paid Media

Let’s talk about each one individually.

Owned Media

This is media and content that your business has created, and owns. Meaning your social media profiles, your blog content, pictures of your properties, videos of your properties, and your website. Anything that comes directly from you – that’s owned media.

We talked a bit about this when we went over image licensing strategies for real estate investors. Basically the rule is this: if you made it, then you own it. Plane and simple.

Earned Media

This is more of an SEO and public relations kind of media. The term “earned” refers to exposure that you get from other people – be that other investors, customers, press releases, guest posting, etc. If you don’t have any earned media, don’t stress. It’s actually pretty easy to get for real estate investors.

Your customer testimonials are a form of earned media, as well as your reviews on your website, local citations, and social media profiles.  Any public relations work you’ve been doing counts as earned media, and helps to make your real estate investing business have a larger online presence and authority.

Paid Media

This one is pretty on the nose. If you paid to get something in front of people, then it’s paid media. Pretty simple. These are all examples of paid media:

  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Bing Ads
  • FaceBook ads
  • Sponsored posts on other websites (if you paid to be there)

This is one of the best digital marketing strategies for real estate investors because it gets your business’s name in front of a lot of people quickly. However, it does cost money. As we’ve stated before, a lot of online marketing is a pay to play game. The more you spend on paid media like Facebook ads and Adwords, the more money you’ll make in the long run.

4. Put It All Together!

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The most important media you have is your owned media, for a number of reasons. Because you own it, and you created it, it’s the most true form of content for your real estate investing business’s branding. That, and, your owned media can be used for your paid media, and to gather earned media.

For example, let’s say you have a YouTube channel for your real estate investing business. Your videos should include customer testimonials, property tours, and your rehab process. All of this content is great for generating engagement with your target audience: motivated sellers, and other real estate investors. This is your owned media; videos you have produced to build your brand’s name.

Now, let’s say on these videos you have people commenting with what a great job you and your team did helping them through their financial issues, or talking about what an amazing rehab job you did. There’s your earned media.

To finish it off, you can use these videos in paid promotions. Get your testimonials to be featured in press releases, or used your property tours to re-target wholesalers.

5. Get Your Digital Marketing Professionally Managed

we deliver the best digital marketing strategies for real estate investors

The more you use your media to build your real estate investing business’s online presence, the more successful you will be. These digital marketing strategies for real estate investors are fool proof, and will build your business’s online presence. The trick is to stay consistent. If you stop producing media then your content becomes stale and outdated, something that Google punishes.

If you want to keep your media fresh for future digital marketing strategies, then consider getting a professionally managed service for your real estate investing business. If you have pros working on your SEO and PPC, then your owned, earned, and paid media is covered!



At LeadPropeller, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in making high converting digital marketing strategies for real estate investors. Our SEO service will build up your business’s back links and content so that you can start growing your online presence to rank organically in Google searches. And our PPC service will be generating your business leads while you wait to rank, that way you’re always generating revenue.

On top of our amazing professional services, if you’re a LeadPropeller customer, you can take advantage of our content building features like our Content Packs. These highly optimized, professionally written, search engine optimized articles will feature your business name, target area, and contact information while also linking back to your website and other reputable sources. You’ll be building your owned media in your sleep!

If you have any questions about signing up for LeadPropeller, or our services, don’t hesitate to call our team at (210) 999 – 5187. We would love to answer any questions you might have!



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