Remodeling to House Flipping: We Buy 417 Flight Debrief

Welcome to the latest LeadPropeller Flight Debrief! In this month’s debrief, we’ll be highlighting the success of We Buy 417, and it’s founders Andrew and Josh. From their start to where they are now, We Buy 417 is a real estate investing business on the rise!

Where We Buy 417 Got its Start

Andrew Newlon and business partner, Josh Hutter, both started out in real estate at a young age. For years they worked doing remodeling for another real estate investor and, after Andrew got back from military service, he called up Josh and proposed the idea of beginning their own real estate investing business.

I saw the money that other investors were making and knew I could get in on that too.

With their 10+ years of remodeling work experience, the two set off to build their own real estate investing business. And who could blame them with their awesome head start?

we buy 417 andrew and josh

Get In and Get It Done

For the most part, Andrew and Josh haven’t hit any big snags with their investment properties. It’s always so comforting to hear about successful and drama free flips. But, like every investor, there will always be that one property that causes some problems.

In the late fall to early winter of 2016, We Buy 417 closed on a property they were planning on fixing up to keep as a rental. Sounds standard enough. As they were walking through the property before the close, looking at the repairs it needed, they noticed some water damage on the floors. While they knew it would cost to get that fixed, it wasn’t anything that Andrew and Josh couldn’t handle.

Well…when they bought the house and started the demo process, they opened up the floor and saw there was a lot more water damage than they saw or were told about. Already being close to $5K over budget on this property, Andrew and Josh didn’t want to spend anymore than they had to to fix it.

we buy 417 water damaged floor

And that’s where their years of remodeling experience came to save the day! They rolled their sleeves up, got their equipment out, and worked on the floor until it was perfect. In the end, this property’s renovation costs didn’t go over the budget, and We Buy 417 was able to get all of the money sorted out so that they didn’t lose profit on this property.

This just goes to show that there are going to be times where you have to think on your feet to save a deal. Andrew and Josh were able to take their previous experience in remodeling and make this investment property turn a profit for them instead of eating into their budget!

Where the Properties Come From

The rental property we just talked about was a bandit sign conversion.

The bandit signs have been working well for us, but you never know how much you’ll be spending to get a good lead.

So true! That one property ended up converting for Andrew and Josh, but it was 1 out of lots of bandit signs. Which is why, in early 2017, Andrew and Josh decided to make the shift to online marketing for their business.

January and February we didn’t get any leads. That was before we started doing PPC with you guys. 

we buy 417 before and after

It only took 2 months working with our managed PPC service before We Buy 417 started getting quality leads. With only 1 major competitor in their market, Andrew and Josh are quickly taking over the top page in local searches that motivated sellers are looking for. Which has been great for getting them business and closing deals!

We don’t like direct mail nearly as much. We’ve been working with Josh at LeadPropeller on PPC for 2 months and the first deal we got from our website paid for itself

The ROI from the first online lead they got was enough to convince We Buy 417 that online marketing was the way to go for their business. In fact, they have a good amount of pending deals lined up already, all from online marketing!

What’s Lined Up for We Buy 417?

After making the switch to online marketing, We Buy 417 has a lot of pending deals lined up for 2017! With the cost per lead in March – April being as low as $134 generating 5 deals in just 60 days, the investment properties Andrew and Josh have been getting will keep them busy for a long time.

While Andrew and Josh focus on helping their clients and flipping houses, they have recently bought more than they can finance with private lenders because their inventory is growing so much.

One of two of their properties have been sold to other investors for a small profit, because Andrew and Josh know that those investors will be able to dedicate the time that house needs to getting fixed up and put back on the market.

we buy 417 clean up

That’s the whole goal with We Buy 417. Andrew and Josh started out in a small town, and want to keep that neighborly feel when they work with their customers.

Our main goal is to help families who are struggling in affording their house. We want to make their process as easy as possible for them.

I’m sure your clients who sell to you are very happy to hear that! There’s nothing more stressful than being stuck with a house that you can’t afford, or can repair. The fact that We Buy 417 is there to help them no matter what is so reassuring to their customers.

We just really love to take distressed houses and renovate them until their someone’s new home. When we work with our customers, we want their process to be stress free. We’re here to help them with anything, selling their house and helping restore their credit is important to us.

Nothing says great customer service like that. When we asked Andrew if he had any advice for other real estate investors, he gave this piece of advice:

I’m probably misquoting it, but Dean Graziosi has this quote that ‘marketing stamina is key.’ That’s what we’ve been doing, and that’s what I suggest for other investors. Just keep up your marketing. It will pay off, you just have to be consistent and aggressive.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Andrew. What an amazing story! From your background in remodeling to the success of your own real estate investing business, We Buy 417 and its founders Andrew and Josh are certainly investors to keep an eye on.

The thing that impresses me the most is the care you two have toward customer service. We can’t wait to see what your business continues to do. For now, Andrew and Josh – over and out.



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