Area Landing Pages: Expanding your Real Estate Investing Business

What Are Area Landing Pages?

Let’s start at the beginning before we dive into this. Area landing pages are a way to show that your real estate investing business operates in different local areas. Basically, area landing pages are additional pages on your website that are specifically made for one location. We’ll talk about that more further down.

For now, let’s see if you even need area landing pages. The businesses that get the best use of area landing pages are SABs or a single-locations service area businessAccording to Moz, a SAB business is:

A business that travels from their home or office to serve customers, rather than them coming to you for your services.

There are very few real estate investors who have brick and mortar locations that their clients meet them at. So it’s safe to say that, as a local real estate investor, your business is a SAB. But why are area landing pages so good for SABs?

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It all goes back to when Google created their local pack for businesses. See, it focuses more on ranking physical locations higher in searches, rather than for the areas that you’re not in but still work with. So, as a real estate investor working in, say, Houston, Google’s local business services won’t have you showing up in search results in surrounding areas like Katy, Baytown, or Conroe even though you do business there too.

That can all change, though, by having area landing pages attached to your business site. Remember, these area landing pages are specific to certain locations.

So I’ll ask the question again: As a real estate investor, should you be using area landing pages? Yes!

How Area Landing Pages Expand Your Real Estate Investing Business

Area landing pages aren’t just about marketing, they’re also about expanding your business. Think about it, if you’re keeping your real estate investing business confined to one city with lots of potential competitors, wouldn’t you want to get your name out there to other areas to generate leads from at the same time? Only if you want a variety of leads!

Take a look at your own business site. Your home page is built to target your main market, right? So if you’re a real estate investor in Chicago, or Detroit, or Houston, your home page will have that city listed on it everywhere. Which is great, that’s what makes it a strong SEO built page. Plus, that’s perfect for ranking you in local searches in that city.

An area landing page is similar, except instead of just generally saying “Houston” over and over again, it targets specific surrounding areas like “Katy”, “Baytown”, and “Conroe”.

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See how useful this is? If you’re an investor in a large city with specific areas you know you want to market to, area landing pages make that happen by adding more targeted content to your website. And, this helps build up links to improve your SEO.

While your landing pages won’t help get your website ranked any differently in local searches, they are SEO gold for themselves. This has to do with implicit and explicit searches, and Google’s Geospatial technologies. PowerbySearch, an online SEO journal, puts it this way:

More often than not people are looking for locally relevant information, and even if they don’t explicitly specify that location Google will often try to serve up results with a focus on the location relevant to the searcher.

Let’s go back to our Houston example. If I’m a motivated seller living in Katy and I’m type into a Google search “buy my house for cash“, Google’s algorithm will know that I am looking for someone in my local area and show me results based on that.

As a real estate investor who does business in Houston and surrounding areas, you’re more likely to show up in those search results by having an area landing page for Katy. Boom, now you’re online marketing has expanded to a more specific search area.

Ok, so now you know how great area landing pages are for your business. Where do they come from?

How to Build Your Own Area Landing Pages

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There are a few places online that provide templates for building local landing pages. While this is a good option, these templates often aren’t built with great SEO. The things you need to make sure are in your local area landing pages are:

1. The area being targeted in the page title

This is SEO 101. If you’re targeting a surrounding area, like Katy, then that should appear in your page title. Simple, but easy to forget and even easier to get penalized for. Make sure your page title is properly optimized!

2. The area being targeted in the H1 and H2 tags

Again, something that even a basic understanding of SEO will tell you. We talked about this in our SEO Guide series, so we’ll just highlight it here. Having your focus keyword, in this case the surrounding area you’re marketing to, in your page headings you’re telling Google what the emphasis of the page is. Putting “Katy” in the H1 tag is your landing page saying, “Hey Google, I do business in the Katy area.”

Just like making sure your title is optimized, don’t forget to optimize your page headings!

3. Keywords that are relevant to your business in the target area

As a real estate investor, your keywords should be “cash for houses Katy” or “sell house fast Katy”. Something that has to do with your business and the specific area you’re targeting with these area landing pages.

Remember what we talked about in the keywords section of our SEO guide: the safe percentage for keyword density is between 2% – 5%, with related terms around 7%.

You don’t want to stuff your area landing pages with keywords just to get it to rank faster. That’s a good way to get penalized by Google and not have your landing page show up at all. Treat optimizing this page the same as you would with any other page on your website.

4. Appropriate NAPs

As you’ll remember from our article on local citation for real estate investors, NAP stands for name, address, and phone number. Just like for local citations, including this in your area landing pages helps to show Google that you’re a local business.

While it’s a low impact ranking factor, it still helps to reinforce your local real estate investing business online, adding to all of the web presence you’ve already built up. Plus, it makes your landing page more actionable by providing a way for the motivated sellers who see it to contact you.

Remembering to include all of this for every single area landing page you need can take a lot of time though. Especially if you’re working with templates that don’t have on-page content already there. Besides, those templates always end up looking nothing like your actual website, so your business’s brand recognition goes out the window.

That’s why we at LeadPropeller decided to make it simple for you to get perfectly customized area landing pages for your real estate investing business in seconds. And the best part? They’re just there, completely available for you in your dashboard, at no extra cost.

Get Area Landing Pages in Seconds from LeadPropeller

get your area landing pages today

Literally, it takes seconds. If you look to the right of your dashboard you’ll see a tab that says your website’s name at the top. Click it and look at the drop down menu. Find the tab that says “Add Landing Page“, click on that, and you’ll go right to the area landing page creator.

Funny, there’s only two things there. Well, yeah. We made it super easy for you. All you have to do is type in is the name of the page, and the name of the area you’re targeting. So for our Houston example, I would type in something like “Katy House Buyers” for the page title, and “Katy” for the area served. And that’s it. It’s really that easy.

After you’ve set your new area landing page, you can go in a preview it before publishing. You’ll notice that, not only does it look like your real estate investing business’s home page (great for brand recognition), but that all of the places where your main target area was are now filled in with your area landing pages’ specific target area.

The area landing pages from your LeadPropeller account area already built with on-page SEO, just like your website! The H1 and H2 tags will feature your specific location, you’ll still have all of your business information there, all of your relevant keywords will be featured, and you still have your short form on to convert visitors to leads! All in seconds.

You aren’t limited either, you can have as many as you want all for free. So if your investing in Houston and want to market to Katy, Baytown, Conroe, Sugar Land, Deer Park, Galveston, wherever, you can without the headache of remaking the same page over and over again.

Still Not Convinced?

At LeadPropeller, we try to make your online experience as easy as possible so that you can focus on being the best real estate investor you can be. That’s what you’re an expert in. What we’re experts in is making sure you have everything you need to run a successful real estate investing business.

On top of your high converting website, we made sure to have a way for you to be able to market to surrounding areas in seconds. No one out there makes it this simple to get area landing pages that look just like your website, and are specific to real estate investors. We know what your business needs, that’s why we provide it.

Remember, you can have as many as you want, for as many areas as you want. Maybe this video will get you more excited:

If there are any questions you have about area landing pages for your real estate investing business, or you need help getting yours set up, we have an amazing support team. You can contact them at (210) 999 – 5521, or email them at We also have very helpful tutorials available to you through your dashboard!

And if you’re interested in getting a high converting, lead generating, SEO built website specifically crafted for real estate investors, call us today at (210) 999 – 5187 to talk about your options! We’d love to answer any questions and help you grow your real estate investing business!


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