We Buy Houses and Sell House Fast – The King and Queen of Keywords For Cash House Buyers

If you put yourself in the shoes of a motivated seller that needs to sell their house fast, what would you type into Google search to find what you are looking for?

This is an exercise all real estate investors should be doing if they intend on getting motivated seller leads from their websites.

An Example For San Antonio

As an example, if I had a house in San Antonio, TX that needed a lot of repairs that I couldn’t afford to make that has been sitting vacant for months, getting vandalized, being squatted in, receiving notices from code compliance for violations, I might search one of the following in my browser:

You’ll notice the city part isn’t really even necessary as the search engines are smart of enough these days to know your location based on your IP address. But, people still enter them in their searches….and targeting the longer tail version of the keyword is much easier to rank for than the general keyword without the city or area.

This is how you determine what to target to get your website to rank. You need to focus on what people are searching for that need your service.

Keywords Should Contain Signs of Motivation

This is especially true if you are using Adwords or other Pay Per Click advertising. If you target general terms like ‘sell house’ instead of the more specific, ‘sell my house fast’, you are going to be paying for a lot of clicks from people that are not motivated in the least to sell their house at a discount.

Save your money, focus on keywords that a motivated seller would search.

Awesome…but what exactly are words and phrases that show motivation?

Aside from the previous example of including ‘my’ and ‘fast’, you can include some of the following words and phrases:

  • quickly
  • cash
  • we buy houses
  • I buy houses
  • companies that buy houses
  • vacant
  • without agent
  • trashed
  • inherited
  • vandalized

You can mix and match these words and phrases to target the people you want to find your house buying website, not Tom and Jane who want to sell their house for more than their neighbors did.

The Ultimate in Keyword Generation

The ultimate strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of, not only motivated sellers in general, but a particular motivated seller that is facing a very specific situation and think about what they might search for that might not necessarily include the word house or home (even though the situation might likely require them to sell a house or a home). Some of these situations include:

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Job Transfer
  • Downsizing
  • Job Loss
  • Tax Problems
  • Tenant Problems

This strategy is really neglected by most real estate investors. Hint hint.

Other Keywords That Are Good Friends of Real Estate Investors

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